Services Offered
America’s Angels offers child care services, treatment services (including children with emotional and pervasive developmental disorders, and mental retardation), and respite services. Examples of services include, but are not limited to the following.
✔ Family Living—participation in social cultural and recreational activities of the foster parent’s community
✔ Planning, with the child and family, for goals and services to meet those goals
✔ Individual counseling
✔ Psychological and diagnostic appraisal to determine basic abilities and appropriate treatment goals
✔ Support and education regarding sexual development, pregnancy prevention and responsible parenthood, prevention, and treatment of STD’s
✔ Public school education in local foster home school districts
✔ Private tutoring as needed; advocacy for special educational program as needed and available through the community.
✔ Ethnic, cultural, and religious activities that promote cultural identity
✔ Participation in age-appropriate independent living activities
✔ Medical, Dental, and Vision Care
✔ Recruiting, screening, training, supervising, and supporting foster families to help meet the child’s physical, social, emotional, and educational needs.
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Support Services
America’s Angels LCPAA will ensure that the CPMS and Case Managers are providing ongoing case manager services and support to foster families and that the Case Managers are available at all times to the foster families.
The Case Manager will ensure that all foster parents maintain ongoing compliance with all training requirements by reviewing the foster parents’ training records prior to verification and during a foster home’s active status at least once per quarter.
The Case Manager will provide families with continuous support prior to and after verification. The Case Manager is responsible to ensure that, after verification, all America’s Angels foster homes meet minimum standards. The Case Manager will ensure compliance by implementing the following, including but not limited to:
✔  Contacting the foster home within seven (7) calendar days following a placement to assess whether the child’s needs are being met in the foster home and to evaluate how the child is adjusting to the foster home;

✔  Making at least one foster home visit per month per family (or more if needed) which may include, but is not limited to, the following:

    • Meeting with the foster parents to discuss/address progress, capabilities, needs, and service provision;
    • Meeting with the foster parents to discuss any needs/concerns the family and/or Case Manager has;
    • Addressing any concerns immediately in order to protect the children and the foster family;
    • Meeting with the foster parents to discuss/address behavior management and other supportive techniques, personnel, technical assistance and/or training needed, and refer the foster family to any additionally-needed community resources;
    • Meeting with the children to ensure their progress towards permanency goals, safety, care, and well-being; and
    • Reviewing documentation.

✔  Providing weekly contact to the foster family;

✔  Coordinating and providing assistance with setting up Intermittent Alternate care as needed;

✔  Providing additional ongoing assessments of the foster parents’ abilities to meet the needs of the children in care; and

✔  Monitoring all foster homes on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance with all licensing and contract standards as well as with America’s Angels policies and procedures.

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